The Importance of Taking A Break

breakCongratulations! You (hopefully) have worked your butt off for your auditions for the past couple of weeks. You took in input from your coaches like a sponge and are starting to get addicted to progress.

But then comes the day when you feel like your learning curve is hitting a plateau. Things you have been practising for ages suddenly don’t work anymore, maybe you even get sick. It is becoming clearer and clearer that your brain and your body are desperate for a break to get back to your productive and successful self!

The Stakes of Powering Through

I understand you might be scared that your plans could get derailed because you can’t get back on track after your break. You feel like powering through is the safer option. But believe you me, powering through almost never works out. Listen to your body! Are you feeling fatigued or sickly already? You’re only going to make it worse. You don’t want to get properly sick and not be able to shine on your audition day, right?

The Benefits of Taking A Break

There have been numerous studies about the effectiveness of studying and taking breaks and it turns out that you will learn in a more consistent fashion if you take breaks in between. And taking breaks is also good for your health. Furthermore, it helps you take a step back from what you’re doing right now and re-examine it after you get back. So, by taking a break from preparation, you will be able to prepare more effectively after Christmas.

How to Take a Break

Well, first of all you really have to admit that you can benefit from a break. Then you should schedule your break, you can even mark it in your calendar. (I, for example, have scheduled a break over Christmas so I can recharge my batteries and start looking at my life and business with fresh eyes after my return.)

Write down all the things that you need to do after your break so you don’t forget anything. Then, put that list safely away so you don’t get tempted to “get things done” during your break. This will also help with getting the to-dos off your mind.

Plan some activities that you love. This can be meeting friends you haven’t seen in a while but also make sure that you get some alone-time. Also, don’t schedule too many activities, you’ll still want some breathing room. And most importantly, be spontaneous and change your plans if you feel like it. Really listen to what you need in that very moment.

A New Beginning

sunset-day-summer-sky-90762Feel like taking a break now? Do it! You may be surprised by your progress during the break. Because, believe it or not, your brain will continue to work and things will fall into place because you let them. Maybe you will even find new angles to a song when you get back to it or a piece of technique you have been working on for ages suddenly lets your voice soar. So… what are you waiting for? Go on your break already! Just don’t forget to tune back in on January 16th! 😉


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  1. Naz Edwards says:

    Hi ! Such great advise.We need to replenish all that we give out.It’s really a great healing time on so muny levels! Happy Holidays!

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