Something has changed within me, something is not the same!

pexels-photo-57690As promised, I will tell you more about my work as an audition coach today! Let’s go!

I like working with young people who prepare for auditions at performing arts colleges (yes, that’s you!) and I love it simply because I was in the exact same situation all these years ago. I went through similar experiences and learned a lot from it.

Literally every time I learn something new, I instantly wish that I had already known it before my professional training. Knowing this particular piece of information would probably have steered some of my decisions in quite a different direction. This is why I want to give you guys the chance to go your own way WITH this knowledge.

The cold and hard truth is that there are a gazillion applicants for only a few spots at each school. And getting into college is really only the first step on the long and winding road of business. So let me help you show them what makes you unique!

However, as an audition coach, I don’t only help my students show their personalities in their songs and monologues, I offer the full-package deal!

During the coachingS, I offer advice and strategies on every step of the way:
  • how to find out which school is right for you / your kid
  • how the audition process works
  • how to assemble an interesting audition portfolio
  • how to pick audition repertoire which shows off your strengths
  • how to prepare thoroughly and efficiently for the biggest auditions of your life (thus far)
  • what to wear on the big day
  • how to get through the audition process as a student-teacher-parent team
  • which financing options are out there
  • what to expect from life after school is over
  • what to do if it doesn’t work out the first time around

It is very important to me that the parents aren’t left on the outside. Not only do they mostly make all the financial decisions, it is also hard to imagine moral support without them.

All my coachings are held online. You heard correctly, you can get all this without even leaving your own home! Send an email to and schedule a free ten-minute strategy session with me to find out more!

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