Am I good enough?

goodAm I good enough to work in musical theatre? Am I talented enough and tenacious enough to stand out from the crowd? Excellent question!

Unfortunately, I don’t have the answer to these questions either. Of course, I can provide an assessment of your talent and devotion but the rest of the equation is full of unknowns.

It’s not only down to you

First of all, I want to assure you that it is perfectly normal for you to ask yourself that question. I have never met a single actor who never even had a little doubt at some point of their career.

BUT: Accepting the things you cannot change is a huge portion of the job!

Being accepted at college or being cast in your dream role doesn’t only depend on you. It is also about the preferences of the casting people. Maybe they had somebody with a different voice type in mind. Maybe the candidate right before you moved them to tears. Maybe they have simply been sitting there for hours and are desperate for a break.

Take control

Yes, there are many factors you have no influence on but don’t let that get you down! Concentrate on the things you CAN work on. Don’t wait for opportunities to come looking for you, seek them out and WORK towards them. Become the best storyteller you can be because that’s what people come to the theatre for!

It’s okay to have doubts!

It doesn’t matter at which point in your career you ask yourself that question, allow yourself to feel those doubts! If they’re really bad, lock yourself in your room for a day, eat ice cream and watch cheesy movies. Use this chance to express your feelings and let them go. Never use them as an excuse not to work on yourself! Concentrate on the solutions rather than the problem itself. Because without passion and guts, all talent is worthless.

One more thing: success and failure are really matters of definition. I admit that not being cast can feel like a failure but it is also a unique chance to grow. And even if you do decide to pursue a different career one day, you will be able to look back with no regrets.

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