Izzie’s Big Summer Send-Off

summerMy dear readers,

time flies! It’s summer already and I, too, will go on summer and inspiration break. But don’t you worry, I will be back on September 2nd to tell you all you need to know.


Here are some of the topics I’ll cover in the fall:

application deadlines for the top schools in the US, UK and Australia

– the BFA Day Job Survival Guide

– how to deal with performance anxiety on your audition day (and beyond)

– how to create your own warm-up routine

– how to get in shape for your audition continuously

what to wear to an audition

– how to plan out audition season

Plus, there will be a guest blog by the great Kimberly Vaughn. Don’t miss it!

And if you simply can’t wait until September, check out my summer intensive offer. Get up to three 1:1 audition prep coachings per week with me from July 18th till August 13th. The offer is limited to five students. Just send an email to izzie@liveoutloudworldwide.com to find out about the details. 🙂

One last piece of advice for planning your summer: Choose wisely! 😉 Find out about the difference between resting and slacking in this article by The Audition Rep Matchmaker! 🙂

But enough, enough now. 😉 Have a fabulous summer! 🙂 Izzie out.